The Challenge of Being a Nonprofit Exec in a Compete-to-Win World

Announcement: This Session Has Been Postponed Until May. Date TBD.



We are excited to host Jeff Garson for our next consultant learning session.

Jeff Garson invented Radical Decency -- a philosophy whose basic premise is this: in a perfect world, we would be taught to be decent to ourselves, others, and the world around us. In our world, we're taught that it's OK to not be decent when it's "necessary" to "get ahead." That includes being indecent to ourselves, which is all too prevalent in the non-profit world.

Radical Decency rejects that teaching and encourages adherents to be decent at all times, in every context, and without exception, and notes that striving to do so will lead to a better life.

Here's how Jeff describes this session: "I’m confident you feel it. How could you not? The mainstream culture’s grinding, relentless pressure to raise money and be a 'success'? In this session, we’ll discuss a few of the culture’s implicit, but relentless, messages that make this balancing act so tough: 'You can do anything if you try hard enough'; the 'Mother Teresa' myth; and the well-meaning advice of the 'experts.'”


Disclosure: Jeff Garson is Jeremy Garson's father. Jeremy Garson has a vested interest in Radical Decency's success.

March 19, 2020 at 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Jeremy Garson ·

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