Our Friends

Friends of Bridge members are monthly giving supporters who enjoy an array of benefits, which were previously exclusive to member organizations of the Bridge Alliance.The new friends program launched in December 2020 and is for people with a passion for sustaining the healthy self-governance movement. 

Jeff Garson - Pennsylvania

Jeff is the originator of Radical Decency, an approach to living that seeks to implement “decency” and to do so “radically;” at all times and in every area of living. Radical Decency, the book, is now available on Amazon. The Decency Foundation seeks to bring decency to business; beginning with the crucially important farm/food sector.


A.J. Walts - Nebraska

I am inspired by these words from Condoleezza Rice:

“Democracy requires balance in many spheres: between executive, legislative, and judicial authority; between centralized government and regional responsibility; between civilian and military leaders; between individual and group rights; and ultimately between state and society.  In functioning democracies, institutions are invested with protecting that equilibrium.” 


Kathleen Austin - Arizona

  • Calling America's Red and Blue to come together toward the middle.
  • Calling politicians to hear and represent us with fairness, integrity, and commitment to united problem-solving.
  • Reminding politicians that most Americans are toward the middle.
  • Encouraging conversations about what "democracy" and "unity" means to each of us. 
  • Being United NOT Divided!

Richard Davies - Connecticut

Solutions journalist and podcaster. Co-host of "How Do We Fix It?" and "Let's Find Common Ground."

How do we reach across to those who are not like us with understanding, empathy, and humility?

Bridge Alliance offers a constructive alternative to our great national crisis of polarization: Doing the vital work of bridging divides and seeking common ground.


Morris Effron - Massachusetts

"Democracy is a participatory sport!"

Debilyn Molineaux - Maryland

Debilyn Molineaux co-founded the Bridge Alliance to harness the exponentially growing field of organizations into a “game changing” movement that shifts the underlying dynamics of power, politics, and participation in our country. She works with the staff, board members and other leaders of Bridge Alliance members in advancing the common mission of all 80+ organizations. Debilyn brings a passion to her work that is contagious to all around her.

Mark Vermilyea - New York

I've always enjoyed being part of teams solving problems, and working actively as a member and friend of the Bridge Alliance is an ideal way to continue. Our country needs grass-roots communication and tolerance, and our governments and media are failing us in that regard. Looking forward to being part of the solution!

Ted Wetzel - Ohio

Ted Wetzel - The mission of Fighting To Understand is to make seemingly complicated topics into “simply complicated.”  We do this by forming a collaborative cross-section of “everyday” people to fight to understand a topic, in as much complexity as we can muster.  We then present the findings to other everyday people. 

Kathy Huck - California

We Advocate for unhoused residents to have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation about homelessness

Additional Valued Friends

Patricia Brown - Michigan 
Amanda Kathryn Roman - New Jersey 
David Matarasso - New York 
James Carpenter - Maryland 
Ilana Bittner - Maryland 
Elaine Lang Cornett - Virginia
Michael Williams - Montana
David Green - Nevada
Rich Eng - Wisconsin 
Barney Lerten - Oregon 
David Hamilton - Virginia 


**We also acknowledge a number of anonymous monthly donors**