Bridge Alliance Education Fund Leaders Mastermind Cohort

As the nation enters the final stages of our presidential election in the midst of multiple crises, we are called upon to respond, connect and be resilient. It is also a time of great opportunity to reset and remind ourselves of the American dream, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. As we upgrade the social contract and operating system of our country, we should do so with equity and inclusion as a foundation for the future. 

Bridge Alliance Education Fund continues to bridge efforts of social entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders in local communities with national efforts to strengthen democratic practice. Given the financial investment on the upcoming election and pandemic response, we provide the opportunity for an investment of talent and good ideas, outside of financial constraints. There are no costs to participate. 

The Leaders Mastermind Cohort is a 6 week program in which community and organizational leaders will convene weekly to share preliminary ideas, projects or research areas. This peer review style of project development is designed to generate a diversity of opinions and generate relationships among leaders with common goals in an environment of creativity, imagination and constructive feedback. Leaders will present ideas, challenges and progress on their own project(s). Personal coaching is also offered by cohort leaders, and encouraged amongst cohort members. 

We limit this program to 10 leaders, who are strongly encouraged to attend all six meetings and actively participate. Bridge Alliance will support individual initiative development through an explorative process, gleaning from others who do similar work, face similar challenges, and have diverse experiences. The Mastermind Cohort provides an opportunity to advance your work by engaging with cross-partisan leaders in strategic group work; receiving personalized coaching; and participating in special expert learning workshops. The aim is to strengthen your resilience by building bonds of trust and affection within the cohort while providing mutual aid. 

If you would like to apply, you may do so HERE.