Friends of Bridge

Friends of Bridge is the Bridge Alliance Educations Fund's new monthly giving program that invites dedicated supporters of the healthy self-governance movement to give to the Bridge Alliance Education Fund and serve as an individual member. In return, these supporters are recognized for their dedication and -- depending on their contribution level -- given access to certain member benefits.

Bridge Alliance values its supporters and have often received requests for individual membership. Friends of Bridge (FOB) was created insight of those requests. We recognize that many of our supporters are heavily involved in the democracy reform movement and want a space to implement their ideas and serve as a thought partner. FOB provides individuals with those opportunities. 


Benefits received in the Friends of Bridge program are reliant on the benefit tier you choose as a donor and are the following:



We gladly invite those looking to make change in this country to become pioneers in the movement by committing to monthly giving. Regular donations not only allow us to sustain strong staff support, but they enable the maintenance and expansion of long term initiatives like the Leaders Mastermind Cohort and The Diversity Report. For more information on how to begin giving, visit the Friends of Bridge Donation Page or email