Friends of Bridge

Friends of Bridge Benefits

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Bridge Program! Based on your monthly pledge, we provide you with exclusive benefits. These benefits are described below, starting with the highest tier and moving to the lowest tier.

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When you join our program at the $50 tier or above, you will be given a choice between three (3) welcome gift packages. These gifts are Friends of Bridge branded merchandise that are only available by becoming a Friend of Bridge.


Endowment of Bridge Alliance Internship

The Bridge Alliance has had a very successful internship program over the past few years. Under the guidance of Jeremy Garson, interns learn about the healthy self-governance movement and the operations of the Bridge Alliance. They have the opportunity to craft their own experience and to choose projects where they can have a lasting impact on the Bridge Alliance and its members. The internship program has also served as a pathway to staff positions with the Bridge Alliance. In fact, every member of our support staff was once an intern. And if they decide to move on from the Bridge Alliance after their internship, they will have the benefits of having learned about ~100 potential employers in the field.

By contributing $1,000 per month, you provide the opportunity for a young man or woman to join the healthy self-governance movement and we reward that generosity by naming the intern’s position after you (i.e. “The [Your Name] Healthy Self-Governance Intern”). Your money pays for the intern’s stipend, staff time to train the intern, and other support.

Importantly, your contribution also promotes diversity in the movement. Many young people cannot afford to work for free, even if they believe in the mission of healthy self-governance. By sponsoring an intern, you give a young man or woman the opportunity to gain experience in the field while also supporting themselves financially.

Quarterly Calls with a High Level Staffer or Board Member (NDA Required)

The Bridge Alliance is constantly discussing possible collaborations and partnerships with a wide variety of powerful individuals and organizations in the healthy self-governance movement. These are sensitive conversations with outcomes that take time to develop. If you join the program at the $250 tier or above, you will be given the opportunity to join a quarterly call with a high level staffer or Board members (either 1-on-1 or in a group of like donors) who will give you updates on these discussions and the changes you may see in the future.

Because of the sensitive nature of this information, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before joining one of these briefing calls.

Friends Advisory Board Membership

The Bridge Alliance is always exploring new ideas and programs to support its members’ missions. These ideas are usually proposed, fleshed out, and executed by our staff, with input from members where appropriate. If you join the program at the $100 tier or above, you will be given the opportunity to join an advisory board, which will be given a role in the process. You will get to hear about new ideas long before they become a reality, and provide your input on the same. You will also get to see / comment on new features in their pre-launch phase.

Friends Advisory Board Lite

Being a member of the Friends Advisory Board can be a time consuming position that everyone may not have time for. Starting at the $50 tier, Bridge Alliance offers a condensed advisory board membership, facilitated by our Deputy Chief of Staff, Shakira Mills, in which meetings can be shorter, less frequent and detailed specifically to the issues most important to the board. 

Access to Exclusive Podcast Episodes

The Bridge Alliance has been publishing a podcast geared to amplify the message and work of our members, keep the public updated on behind the scenes details of the movement, and inform citizens of the issues being solved through the Healthy Self Governance Movement. Public episodes are released once a month and can be accessed via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon Music. Exclusive episodes can be accessed through the private Friends of Bridge website. Email [email protected] for questions and concerns. 

In the past, these sessions (and their recordings) have only been available to Bridge Alliance member organizations. If you join the program at the $50 tier or above, you will be invited to these sessions and have access to the archive.

Quarterly Group Updates

The Bridge Alliance is conscientiously evolving as a coalition organization all the time. It adds members, adds benefits, becomes involved with new projects, etc. If you join the program at the $50 tier or above, you will be invited to a quarterly Zoom / phone call to discuss what has happened over the previous few months.

Access to Friends of Bridge Website

We have created an attractive website for the Friends of Bridge program. Eventually, this site will provide access to different benefits of the program. If you join the program at the $25 tier or above, you will be given access to this website.

The Friends of Bridge Newsletter

The Bridge Alliance Education Fund sends out two regular newsletters. One is to the general public (known as “The Daily* Resource”) and the other to Bridge Alliance members and partners (known as “The Members Only Daily* Resource” or “MODR” for short). If you join the program at the $25 tier or above, you will begin to receive the MODR, which often include special invitations that are not offered to the general public.

Once we have a critical mass of Friends, the Bridge Alliance Education Fund will begin to send out a “Friends Only” newsletter (name to be determined) that is specially catered to the Friends of Bridge program.

Recognition on Website with Statement

We want to recognize your commitment to the healthy self-governance movement and let people know that you care about the future of our nation. That’s why, with your permission, we will publish your name on our website along with a short statement (55 words or less, and must be approved by the Bridge Alliance staff).

Note that your statement can be about anything, including why you’re giving, information about your own organization, words of wisdom, etc.

Access to Friends of Bridge Email Group

All Friends of Bridge will have access to a gmail group which our staff will facilitate. This Group will serve as a community of people who are committed to achieving healthy self-governance and regularly discuss their ideas around important topics.

Recognition on Website

To recognize your commitment to the Bridge Alliance, we will publish your name on our website.