The Bridge Alliance Education Fund (BAEF) is the financial entity that supports the efforts of the Bridge Alliance, a coalition of ~100 democracy reform organizations dedicated to an array of focus areas within campaigns and elections, civic engagement and Government/Governance. BAEF is also dedicated to providing resources to organizational leaders and grassroots movements to diversify the healthy self-governance movement, of which is predominantly older, white and progressive. Through initiatives like the Justice, Diversity, Equity Fund, BAEF plans to make resources accessible to those who have been previously alienated, thus growing our movement and the communities it serves. 


Our Values

BAEF values set the tone for the Alliance -- emphasizing basic principles of civic engagement and healthy democratic practice.

Perhaps most importantly, our values emphasize collaboration and supporting democratic reform missions. The Bridge Alliance Education Fund was founded on the idea that we can accomplish more together than we can on our own.

Our values, also known as "The Four Principles", are as follows:

(1) Collaboration: Our country is stronger when we work together constructively to meet the challenges we face.

(2) Citizen Voice: Our country is well represented when informed citizens are active in the political and social processes.

(3) Solutions-focused: Genuine, good faith problem-solving will lead to the best solutions to address our great challenges.

(4) Open-minded: We explore and learn from each other, seeking aligned efforts to raise visibility and effectiveness.